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Research & Development

After taking necessary inputs from both the client and the end-user our development team begins research to develop the concept. This R&D stage is crucial to ensure that the end product is innovative. In this stage necessary resources that would be of much need in the project are identified along with their source, like identifying the type of programming language to be used.

Design Phase

In this phase, we use the logical model developed in the analysis phase, to develop a “physical” model of the application. The physical model contains business object logic, database schema identifying relationships, web object design and layout, report calculations and processing and the security object definition.

Coding / Development Phase

In the coding/development phase, the individual objects or components of the application code is written from the physical model. Once the system objects have been developed, they are gathered and integrated to create a working application. The integrated application is then placed on a server for testing.

Testing Phase

The testing phase comprises of three levels: component testing, requirements testing and acceptance testing. During component testing, all objects are tested to ensure they work in compliance with the physical design. Once the components are tested and the system operates as designed, the application is tested against the requirements gathered in the requirements phase of development.

Deployment Phase

The deployment phase contains two levels, a three to six-month pilot testing followed by the deployment. At the conclusion of the testing phase, the application is placed on the server. Respective users are trained, user guides are developed and the system control is handed over to the client.

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